To Book Us for Your Event:

We believe our ministry is only as strong as our relationships, and for that reason we always want to chat with you personally about how we can best serve you. There are so many awesome things going on, and sometimes its difficult to stay organized. Therefore, we ask that you help us help you by following this process:

(1) Fill out the form below with as much info as possible and click "Submit". A carrier pigeon will then be released with your message to carry it all the way to our office at 916 Girod St in Mandeville on the beautiful shores of Lake Ponchartrain. 

(2) Adam (the booking guy) will contact you personally to chat about the good stuff: dates, times, ideas, your favorite color, budget, etc. 

(3) Once these tantalizing conversations have ended, Adam (the booking guy) will issue you a contract with further guidance about the next steps. This will officially put your event on the calendar. 

(4) At some point, you will begin conversations with the team members that will be doing your event to talk about more fun stuff like content, logistics, etc. 

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